A good friend of mine gave me this information and encouraged me to start this blog.  I have no computer savvy whatsoever, so expect a few mistakes.  Please bear with me.

The few mistakes I won’t make, are truthful strategies about strength training, nutrition/dieting, fitness related topics, and effective means of getting and staying in shape.  There are three reasons why I’ve decided to start this blog:  1) I love to train (myself and others);  2) I love to write; and 3) I am sick and tired of reading dishonest and conflicting articles written by money hungry people in the fitness, weight-loss, and strength industries.  The general public is being tricked by marketing gimmicks and diets that make them unhealthier than before they began.  Why not tell the truth?  Stop tricking people into wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars on certain supplements, exercise equipment, time spent, vitamins, etc.  From this point forward, I am going to offer the truth about strength training, weight-loss, supplements, exercise equipment, types of exercises, differences in body types, gimmicks to avoid, and more.   

Not everyone can achieve the same goals, nor can they look like a professional athlete or a television fitness model without some sort of long term commitment. However, people can reach realistic goals within a short period of time, and continue to make progress, provided they follow sound nutritional strategies and a periodized training program.  Before we get into this  we first have to figure out what is a realistic short-term goal, what is it going to take to keep a person exercising, and why most people stopped exercising in the first place. 

The number one reason why people stop exercising is, after a brief period of result producing exercises, they hit a wall.  TRAINING HAS STALLED!  They cannot continue to produce results.  People don’t quit training because they all of a sudden get lazy, have to go out of town, have to break an engagement, or whatever excuse they can come up with. They quit training because they don’t know what to do next.  They have simply run out of options and ideas of how to continue to make progress.  The problem with that is they are too proud to ask the right questions to the right people.  To make matters worse, they find themselves reading more food labels, combing through magazine racks (reading this weeks “fitness trends”), searching the net for a magical plan, then finish their search by watching the latest infomercial that has promises them amazing abs.  Not a good idea! 

Most people do not realize the science behind training and the need for variety and programming.  Especially when there is so much general misinformation via television, magazines (writers that don’t even train themselves), bad personal trainers, and the different “gym legends” who haven’t looked any different in the last two years.  It’s no wonder that most people quit training.  They are completely untrusting, confused, and overwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I know everything about training and dieting.  However, where I differ from others is, I am willing to change, but I am willing to take risks, and I am not afraid to lose money by telling the truth.  Everything I’ve learned has been through reliable sources (not the latest gimmick or fad diet), other great strength and conditioning specialists, and through my very own trial and error.