I have two topics that I love to discuss regarding physical fitness.  The first is when a runner compares his/her type of overall conditioning to that of someone training for strength.  This person has not improved his 5k or marathon times in years.  In fact, their times have gotten worse.  The second, is when some skinny little personal trainer thinks his outdated, stale, and non result producing exercise will continue to produce results for himself and his/her clients.  While most people do not train for a professional sport, most of us just want to make gains during training.  We want visible results for our exhaustive, laborious, and painful training.  Not only do people want to look better, people want to feel stronger and healthier.  It is such a difficult topic that I have a hard time convincing a runner because first, they remain closed minded, (maybe because most runners are skinny, and people relate skinny to being in good shape), and secondly, they have no training methods.  They run!  What will happen when a crisis erupts?  They are going to run.  Superman never ran, he flew, but he always flew towards the problem.  He wasn’t called the “man of steel” for nothing.  The Incredible Hulk would not dare run in the opposite direction of a crisis, and would physically disband any problems.  Alternatively, Flash Gordon always ran away to report a disaster.  What’s funny is he reported them to these aforementioned heroes.  Most runners even though it would help them, rarely, if ever, engage in any type of strength training.  If runners (general public for that matter), just opened their minds to effective strength training concepts, and realized that they could make gains by visiting the weight room, thus lowering their times, body fat percentage, appearance, and overall conditioning, this conversation or debate would never materialize. I did not forget the skinny little personal trainer that never played a sport in his life and leads the daily aerobics or Pilates class.  These are my favorites because they have to instruct these classes because all of their clients are jumping ship.  Enough said with this group.   

Now whom would you rather look like.