Congratulations, you work hard up until March.  You remained consistent, became stronger, and you could run a couple of miles without having the soreness that once kept you incapacitated for days.  However, the commitment of coaching your son’s baseball team abruptly cancels any future plans of training.  Even though you only managed to lose a couple of pounds, you made tremendous progress.  ((Using a healthy weight-loss strategy, you can lose up to two lbs. per week).  (173 lbs.) 

Baseball season ends some time in mid summer so you make yourself another promise,  “I’ll start getting in shape in the fall”.  Your rationale is; you will be outside all summer, “mowing the grass”, going to ball games, walking the dog, playing with the kids, etc.  On average, you will visit the outdoors for a total of two hours each day.  One hour per day will be used performing those activities and the other hour will be barbecuing steaks, pork ribs, chicken wings, shish kebobs, and more pork ribs.  August arrives and you begin to repeat the cycle all over again.  (180 lbs.)

People, there is never a perfect time to start anything new or different.  By strength training up to two hours per week, you can maintain your current weight, or even lose-weight, provided you stick to healthy eating habits.  Don’t let “mow the grass” excuses be your reason for not adopting a healthy lifestyle during the summer months.