How much needless space has this Imus ordeal rented in our minds, conversations, and in our lives?  Today, before I went to the gym, I made the mistake of checking my email.  Every morning I always look forward to my friend who religiously sends me emails.  Normally his emails are inspiring, humurous, witty, but occasionally controversial. 

Everything was perfect this morning.  I woke up at 7am, made breakfast for myself, cooked breakfast for my wife and kids, read a little, worked on a couple blogs, took my vitamins and supplements, and prepared to make it to the gym around 11am.  (I’m not much of a morning person so this was somewhat unusual for me).  Today was my max-effort day so I was totally prepared and psyched to get to the gym.  By now it’s around 9 am and I open this email from my friend.  Uh oh, it’s all about Imus. (Up until this point I have stayed unattached and uninvolved in this Imus crap).  Who cares right?  Well, obviously I did after reading this article.  I spent over an hour reading, replying to my friend, then replying to the source who wrote the article.  A total waste of time.  By this time it’s 10:15 am, and I feel like my whole day is wasted because I consistently watch what I eat, when I eat, and the time I train in relation to eating and taking my supplements.  Which means, I couldn’t afford to waste any amount of time, especially on Don Imus.  Reading this email threw my whole day into a frenzy.  Luckily I made it to the gym around 11:00 am, had a horrible workout and left the gym by 11:25 am.  I had a birthday party to go to at 4 pm.  After training I drank a protein shake, and 1/2 hour later went to BK to get a fish sandwich and small fries.  At the party I ended up eating two sloppy joe’s, a bunch of pasta salad (gross), doritos, potato chips, drank two glasses of cherry coke, and finished it off by eating two pieces of cake, (1 chocalate, 1 white).  It’s not over.  I left the party to take my two girls to the father/daughter dinner & games at our church.  I proceeded to eat another cheeseburger, a bag of chips, and another piece of cake.  I truly want to puke right now. 

Here’s my point people.  I’ve heard of Imus twice in my life (Howard Stern’s movie, and the other day on ESPN).  My whole day revolved around this nonsense, and negativity.  Is he really that important?  Is anything that important so that I cannot take care of myself for an entire day?  Maybe tomorrow I’ll tackle the Jesse Jackson article so I can eat like a pig, and train for a lousy 25 minutes.