Where did this obesity epidemic come from and when did it happen?  It was just a few years back when we were all talking about world hunger.  Now we’re talking about people being grossly out of shape and overweight.  Just look around you.  Once you begin a physical fitness program and begin eating nutritionally healthy meals, you will immediately notice how many fat people are out there.  Sure, there are medical conditions that cause obesity, however, I’m not talking about the morbidly obese.  I’m talking about the overweight glutton that’s eating a triple cheesburger and sipping a milkshake while driving in bumper to bumper traffic.  This disease concept (eating disorder) is a way for  doctor’s to make more money.  Tummy tucks, gastric bypass, liposuction.  Gimme a break!  (People, please do not put one more dollar in the hands of a doctor that would rather cut you open instead of advising you to visit a health club).  Not everyone is blessed with elite athletic genes, but not everyone is born with obese genes either, and you wouldn’t believe that if you just look around any food court in your local mall.  

People, you’re being bamboozeled by fad diets and supplements that just don’t work.  There is a safe and effective way to losing weight and getting in shape, however, you must put forth the effort.  Do yourselves a favor, strength train, walk, and eat small meals throughout the day.

Work Hard, Good Luck!