That was the number I was supposed to reach if I wanted to compete in any bodybuilding competitions.  “TWO-SEVENTY”?  I don’t think I heard that right.  “Will you please repeat that”?  The most I could reach was 235.  “Will you PLEASE repeat that”? 

When I went to my first bodybuilding show (all natural) all I could think was, “there is no way these guys will compete with me by next year”.  But, “TWO-SEVENTY” was just way too much.  Maybe I just didn’t hear it right.  Maybe he was talking about bench press.  I could already do that, however at that time I knew my pecs and triceps couldn’t compare to these dudes.  Or, maybe he was talking about squatting.  Well, there are fourteen year old kids that can do that, and there is no way that they could compete.  Deadlifting maybe, but that is not a relative amount of weight for the type of size these people have.  “TWO-SEVENTY”?  Leg press?  “TWO-SEVENTY”?  Did I hear that correctly? He couldn’t have said curl “TWO-SEVENTY”.  What about shoulder presses?  Okay, I could envision reaching “TWO-SEVENTY” over the course of twelve months. 

This is all going through my mind as I was talking to a friend of mine who bodybuilds competitively.  “TWO-SEVENTY” what?  I’m 6’2 204 lbs. and knew that he couldn’t have meant two-hundred seventy pounds.  The most I could get up to was about 235 lbs. by eating right (1g protein per lb. of bodyweight), training hard, and avoiding all cardio.  I was thinking get up to 235, then I could lean down to a ripped 210.  LOL!  Well I guessed wrong “TWO-HUNDRED SEVENTY POUNDS” is what he meant.  I had to get to 270 lbs. before I could even think about competing on stage.  Get to 270, then lean down to a ripped 235-240.  My bodybuilding days ended before they started.

See, what these guys do is bulk, bulk, bulk, eat, eat, eat, diet, diet, diet, then add in cardio.  They lean out over a period of time by getting their lean body mass (bodyfat percentage) down to the 7% range, then they can compete at a high level.  

My point is, lift, get strong, build muscle, eat right, cut calories, add longer cardio, and then watch the bodyfat melt away.  Once you build the muscle you can do just about anything you want.  Build the foundation, add the flooring, the plumbing, the drywall, etc.  Then, pretty it all up.