One of the most common responses I hear when people find out what I do is, “I’ve been thinking about that”.  My favorite response is “okay, great”!  “Here is my card”!  Equipped with phone number, website, and now I even write down my blog address so they can visit that whenever they get bored.  It’s funny because it never fails they are always thinking about it.  Then they try to hit you with a ton of questions as if my answers are going to help them make a decision.  “Let’s schedule an appointment”.  “Okay, I’ll give you a call”.   

People, what are you thinking about?  Do you think about me when you are shoving an extra cheese pizza down your throat?  Do you think about me when you cannot walk a full flight of stairs without wanting to pass out?  Do you think about me when your kids want you to shoot hoops and you can only last 5-10 minutes, or when you cannot comfortably carry the car seat in from the car (hopefully, the men are carrying the car seat)?  Do you think about me when you visit the doctor’s office and he says you have high cholesterol and you need to start exercising?  Or, do you just blow smoke up my butt because you know that I know that you could use my help.  Do you bombarde me with these unnecessary questions to distract me from discussing the topic at hand?  Is that sort of like beating me to the punch? 

Do you know what most people are doing while you’re thinking about training?  They’re having a great time picking out bathing suits at the mall.  They are enjoying themselves at the amusment park or the swimming park without getting exhausted.  They are looking in the mirror with pride and accomplishment.  I have to be honest people.  I do not want to hear anything about what you’ve been “thinking” in regards to training.  I have been thinking about hitting the lottery my entire adult life.  You know the problem with that?   I do not play the lottery.  Don’t think about it, be about it.