gilmore_new_150.jpgFor me, training a marathon runner will be an adventure, however, I am 100% confident that I will make an already good athlete a better athlete. 

A marathon running friend of mine has accepted me as his personal trainer.  If you’ve read my MAKIN GAINZ post you will see why this is such a historical event.  It’s historical because honestly I don’t like runners, or let’s say, I don’t like when people believe that running is the only approach to physical conditioning.  Runners and people who strength-train have opposite ideals regarding conditioning and rarely, if ever, meet in the middle.   I do appreciate the fact that it gives me the opportunity to bring the two concepts together.  I am totally pumped!  What’s great is he is already a good runner, and he could repeat his efforts from last year (his best marathon time is 3:01) but, he has chosen to get better by opening his mind to the ideals of strength-training.  Last year he ran this time when he didn’t eat right, he didn’t strength-train, and he did not take advantage of any supplements or vitamins to keep up with his rigorous training schedule.  At 36 years old, he still wants to get better.  I love it!  He wants to strength train because he believes in my philosophies (by the way they are not original) so that he can set a PR or even win this thing. 

Today is the beginning of our journey.  (Yes, it’s Friday.  Years ago I remember hearing that the best day to start training is on Monday.  You think the body knows what day of the week it is?)  This is a challenge for me because first off, I despise running, I strength train, I help people lose-weight, I primarily help athletes get bigger, stronger, and faster.  I don’t work with runners, I am capable of improving his times, however, runners have a hard time accepting the principles of strength training and how it will improve their running. 

My belief is a person does not get faster by running, they get faster by doing something different than running.  A person does not get stronger by training muscles, they get stronger and more explosive by training movements.  And, a person does not lose weight by not eating, a person loses weight by eating, strength training, and not eating a surplus of calories. 

He is 5’10 155 pounds, 15% bodyfat and ran a 3:01 in last years race.  My goal is to keep him at 155, get his bodyfat down to 10%, help him set a PR or possibly win this thing, and to show how strength training is important in everything we do.