Marathon runners are definitely a different breed.  The amount of mental and physical preparation is unparalleled.  How does anyone run that far for that long, and never seem to show any signs of pain or weakness.  Maybe runners experiece these symptoms but they have no idea how to physically express them.  I guess it’s like that for all elite athletes, however, running seems especially ” freakish” to me because I hate it so much.  LOL! 

I’ll be honest, I know how to get a football player bigger, stronger, and faster.  I can also improve an athletes explosiveness and vertical jump that’s required on the basketball court.  I definitely know how to strength-train, and I can also help an everyday person lose-weight and shed body fat.  Alternatively, do I really know how to train a marathon runner?

To my knowledge the first session of training “my” marathon runner went well.  I know he experienced some minor soreness, but that’s easy, I can make anyone sore.  The true goal here is to make him better by increasing his times.  Soreness does not equate to making a person better or developing true overall strength.  He went through the movements, sets, and reps with no problem, and I know he was pleased with what I have him doing, however, I am not 100% sure that I can improve his running.  On the other hand, I guess it’s not my job to improve his running, my goal is to decrease his LBM, practice sound nutritional advice, and develop overall body strength.  With that in mind I am postive that his running will improve.  I’ll keep you all posted.