I didn’t have much time to update today but I just finished watching the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight and wanted to give you all the update to the first race.  If any of you saw these athletes, you had to be in awe.  Boxers have always amazed me. 

The two of us are totally pleased with the 18:10 that he ran in his first 5k after a full year lay off.  Sure, we would’ve loved to see him crush the field, however, this is not what we are training for.  Eighteen-ten was good enough for a fourth place finish which kept him a full 2:30+ off the leader.  His next race is a 10k on June 16th.  This gives us a full month and a half to train, therefore, we should really see an improvement.

Remember, training a marathon runner is something new for me and this is the first time that Keir has ever used a personal trainer to improve his speed-strength.  As with any type of training we all must follow a systematic approach for long-term strength, conditioning, speed, athlete specific, weight-loss or whatever else.  I could train him and produce instant results, but the long-term effects would prove detrimental.  Building this foundation is as important as building a house on rock.  I’ve included this piece from one of the best trainers and sports scientists in the world.

 A premature velocity increase negatively influences the devleopment of the degree of training.  Thus, in sports disciplines requiring speed-strength, this method causes excessive muscular fatigue (in some cases even injuries) and an alteration of the bio-dynamic structure and rhythm of movements.  As a consequence, the morphological and functional specialization process is slowed down, while motor co-ordination is created that does not correspond to competition conditions.  A gradual increase in the intensity of the load, spread over a longer period, produces a greater and more stable development of the functional possibilities.  (Y. Verkhoshansky)

This applies to any ‘instant results” methods used in todays weight-loss, strength, and fitness societies.  They may satisfy a short-term want, but the negative future impact will prove detrimental.  Long-term progress, improvement, health and conditioning will likely suffer.