The death rate (morality) from gastric bypass is about 1 out of 350 people (1/350)

The mortality rate for gastric bypass is similar to the mortality rate for other major general surgical procedures done on a group of patients who are obese and have multiple health problems.  Risk of dying from any procedure depends on the general health, age, and weight of the individual.  Clearly people who are older, have more severe comorbid problems, and are heavier are much higher risk than younger, healthier, less obese counterparts. The most common causes of death after gastric bypass include infection secondary to staple line or suture line leaks, pulmonary embolism, and respiratory problems.

Who else would have this surgery?  Surely not a bodybuilder, a fitness model, or a professional athlete.  In other words, the only people having this surgery is a person struggling with obesity.  Not that it’s an unnecessary procedure, I just feel like doctors these days are all about the money and are more willing to cut a person instead of working with them on a more personal level.  Just a little research I did in regards to this popular weight-loss procedure.  That’s a pretty high mortality rate for an elective surgery.