I tell you what, I broke my leg (in half) about 6 years ago playing a meaningless game of softball, and it didn’t compare to anything like I’ve experienced today.  That break was pretty bad and probably 100 times worse than how I feel today, however, I cannot remember ever feeling this miserable. 

I have been battling a sinus infection for approximately 12 months and during this time my family physician (he really is an idiot) has put me on at least five different antibiotics and nothing has ever seemed to work.  During my last visit he suggested I use a steroid to help with whatever, who knows, and my mind immediately closed so needless to say, I totally ignored his advice and finally went to visit an E.N.T.  What had I been waiting for?  Well, if any of you experienced the ridiculous process I went through with my leg, you would understand how I feel about doctors.  For me, doctors are and will always be my last resort.

After visiting this E.N.T. and finding out that I had a deviated septum, (my family physician diagnosed it as a staff infection, told you he’s an idiot), I decided to take his advice, and follow through with this surgery.  If anyone has ever experienced this type of infection, then you know what I’m talking about.  We all know you cannot breathe, you cannot sleep, and the infection has the most horrific smell known to man that you feel like nobody wants to come near you.  My wife who is a nurse manager in the recovery room (PACU) began asking questions about this particular doctor, and heard nothing but good things.  Much to her surprise, she had previously never heard his name, which I later found out was a good thing.  Surgery scheduled!

I couldn’t wait for today to get here.   Naturally, the closer you get to something the longer it takes and the more miserable you becomes.  Well as it stands right now, I wish today would’ve never gotten here.  I still can’t breath, my head is about to explode, I can barely talk, and I cannot eat.  I have consumed a protein shake and a Vitamin Water in the last 22 hours.  A total of about 220 calories (liquid).  Honestly, I have no idea how I wrote this tonight, I’ve slept all day, and these pain killers in a completely different stratosphere.  I won’t be training for about a week but I sure hope I can eat something later or tomorrow.  I feel like I’m gonna puke.  Oh well!