The ladies over at The Diet Pulpit have offered various ways to exercise that will not require much space, lessen the amount of time in a gym, and practically no planning.  The title “No More Excuses” is a reasonable approach for each individual to take responsiblity for our very own lives by doing what is necessary to live a more comfortable, convenient, and active life.  They’re right, people don’t need 12,000 square feet of space with shiny chrome weights, or fancy heart rate monitors hooked up to some expensive cardio machine.  All you need is working limbs, and in some cases you don’t even need those to be fully functional to get in a decent workout. 

Along with the walking poles, resistance bands, DVD’s, and various other training devices, I wanted to add my top 3 basic movements that we can perform while using about 10ft of space and our own bodyweight. 

1. Wall pushups.  Elbows close to body, looks pretty easy but give it a try.

2. Hip Thrusts.  Start doing this movement after you’ve develop some abdominal strength by doing more conventional abdominal exercises. 

3. Bodyweight Lateral Squat.  You can interchange these with stationary lunges. 

After reading their latest post I had to take this opportunity to piggyback and offer my two cents on how much I appreciate their willingness to share their own personal stories, knowledge, honesty, and their wisdom in regards to their weight-loss journey.  I also appreciate how they take responsibility for their own actions while offering practical, encouraging, and motivating advice to others. 

So, there’s my two cents on some other movements we can do that doesn’t require time, space, money, or planning.  So drop down and give me 50.