cont… In the third stage of owning a new skill, we may also feel discouraged or disheartened as we fall back into old habits or old ways of doing things. It’s perfectly natural to feel and do just that but, with patience, perseverance, and practice, we’ll get to the fourth stage of change, which is unconscious competence. This is when things start to really become fun! They start to come naturally and become a habit. We no longer have to struggle with a new habit. We own it. In this stage, techniques stop being simply techniques and actually become a part of us. We no longer even have to consciously do something. It simply becomes a natural thing for us to do. But, beware! Even at this stage, without consistent practice and study, we can still fall back into that awkward conscious competence stage. The ability and habit of regularly practicing old and new skills in a non threatening, safe, and even fun learning environment are something all successful individuals have in common. As we deal well with each new challenge, we unleash within ourselves a fresh capacity to soar to new heights.

So, take a close look at yourself and ask yourself whether you are a “student” of life or an “expert” about life; whether you are a “student” of fitness or a “fitness expert.” 

 Patrick Gamboa -International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)