I have no idea where I’ve been over the past couple of days.  I just realized that I haven’t posted anything since the 1st of the month which is the longest amount of time I’ve gone since starting this blog.  With the people I train, my kids, family, and the fact that I just started a new site about 2 weeks ago, I guess that’s where I am spending most of my time.  I’m coming with all the wrong excuses.  (I have a buddy that says that to people on a regular basis as if there is a such thing as an acceptable excuse.)  🙂 

The title ‘Why This Site Is So Awesome” is for a reason.  That reason is because I received an email informing me of how I was voted as one of the top blogs for the month of May.

Here I am busy (wrong excuse :)) over the past couple of days and this shows up.  I appreciate this because I have reached a few readers who really enjoy my blog and which reminds me of the reason why I started this blog in the first place. 

I started this blog so I could make an attempt at growing a large community of readers so I can share on a regular basis the information that has helped me and many others.  I am passionate about training and helping others achieve their goals, therefore, I must remember, that is why I chose to blog.  I’m still old school in many ways and I believe that no matter what the circumstances are, if I make a commitment, then there is no backing out.   Three days is too long and it makes me feel somewhat disconnected from the world. 

With all that said,I want to take time to thank you all and thank the ladies over at The Diet Pulpit for reminding me of why I chose to blog.