My name is Aaron McGhee, an ex-athlete turned fitness and strength specialist.  My philosophies differ from mainstream strength and weight-loss resources, however, my primary goal is to inform the general public the truth behind this industry and why the diet industry has made it so difficult for people to lose-weight and get in shape.  I have learned many things through trial and error, however, those same trials and errors were performed by somebody at some point in time.  I do not claim to be original, but I do claim to have learned from the best and I continue to learn from the best in the profession.  I will remain open-minded and maintain a thirst for proven knowledge that I have not yet come across.  None of what I say or write is based on opinion or theory, everything has been proven effective.  I intend to share this knowledge with the general public. 

I have trained off and on for 20 years and have help many others realize their goals.  I obtained my Personal Training Certification through the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS SCIENCES ASSOCIATION (ISSA)   


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

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  2. Jill Says:

    I am trying to find information on training female athletes. My daughter is/was on a rowing team in orlando FL and had a knee injury last season from improper training. I tried to have changes made but the coaches were not open to change. This season we have 20% of out girls currrently with injuries. We found out yesterday that my daughter is looking at a long 18 month recovery from her new injury. She now is off the team because she can not row, run, train, and is having pain just walking.
    Can you help me or point me in the direction of information on training the female athlete. Your blog on the female knee is great. I hope you can help.


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