Me: Hey I’m hungry, you cooking anything?

Mom: I can make a cheeseburger for you.

Me: Okay, thanks!

Mom: You sound better, is your taste back?

Me: No, not really!

Mom: What do you want on your cheeseburger? 




It’s all good, I think!   

I tell you what, I broke my leg (in half) about 6 years ago playing a meaningless game of softball, and it didn’t compare to anything like I’ve experienced today.  That break was pretty bad and probably 100 times worse than how I feel today, however, I cannot remember ever feeling this miserable. 

I have been battling a sinus infection for approximately 12 months and during this time my family physician (he really is an idiot) has put me on at least five different antibiotics and nothing has ever seemed to work.  During my last visit he suggested I use a steroid to help with whatever, who knows, and my mind immediately closed so needless to say, I totally ignored his advice and finally went to visit an E.N.T.  What had I been waiting for?  Well, if any of you experienced the ridiculous process I went through with my leg, you would understand how I feel about doctors.  For me, doctors are and will always be my last resort.

After visiting this E.N.T. and finding out that I had a deviated septum, (my family physician diagnosed it as a staff infection, told you he’s an idiot), I decided to take his advice, and follow through with this surgery.  If anyone has ever experienced this type of infection, then you know what I’m talking about.  We all know you cannot breathe, you cannot sleep, and the infection has the most horrific smell known to man that you feel like nobody wants to come near you.  My wife who is a nurse manager in the recovery room (PACU) began asking questions about this particular doctor, and heard nothing but good things.  Much to her surprise, she had previously never heard his name, which I later found out was a good thing.  Surgery scheduled!

I couldn’t wait for today to get here.   Naturally, the closer you get to something the longer it takes and the more miserable you becomes.  Well as it stands right now, I wish today would’ve never gotten here.  I still can’t breath, my head is about to explode, I can barely talk, and I cannot eat.  I have consumed a protein shake and a Vitamin Water in the last 22 hours.  A total of about 220 calories (liquid).  Honestly, I have no idea how I wrote this tonight, I’ve slept all day, and these pain killers in a completely different stratosphere.  I won’t be training for about a week but I sure hope I can eat something later or tomorrow.  I feel like I’m gonna puke.  Oh well! 

women-lifting-weights.jpg  What are your views on aging? Is fatigue and joint discomfort the inevitable result of growing older? If so, do you believe that the elderly should take it easy when they are tired and suffering from mild aches?

The fact is that many age-associated declines occur not because of the aging process itself, but as a result of our lifestyle habits, including exercise. In our sedentary society, many muscle and joint problems are the result of weakness and inflexibility. By increasing your strength and flexibility, you can prevent injury and slow the age-associated loss of muscle function. This means that some of those old cliches turn out to be true…”use it or lose it” and “you’re as old as you feel”.

Inactive people become more frail than active people and are more likely to sustain a serious fall that could lead to hospitalization, permanent disability, dependence and even death. According to the federal government., Americans live an average of 73.7 years, but spend their last 11.7 years in “dysfunctional life”, which is marked by disease and impairment. Reducing the number of years lost to restricted physical activity has become a national priority.

Exercise itself, can slow and even reverse many components of the aging process. It’s probably the single most effective way to lengthen life. Proper exercise can rejuvenate you and take years off your chronological age- it’s the closest thing to an anti-aging pill. In other words, exercise can add years to your life and life to your years. The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, claims that a 50 yr. old today can expect to live, on average, to over 79. This is a lot of time spent in the “golden years”. Instead of believing that over 50 means “over the hill and declining”, you should view it as “over the hill and picking up speed!”

It was once thought that aerobic capacity and muscular strength decreased dramatically as one grew older: Studies revealed that a sedentary 65 yr. old has only 60% of the aerobic capacity as a young sedentary adult, and that after the age of 30, people not engaged in strength training lose muscle mass amounting to about six to seven pound of muscle each decade. Remember that these declines apply to sedentary adults.

A 25-year study on runners performed at Ball State University found that many of the runners who continued to train had aerobic capacities similar to what they had 20 years ago. A ten year study from the Center for Exercise Science at the University of Florida found that runners who took up resistance (strength) training were able to maintain their muscle over the ten years. Those who did not, continued to loss muscle mass. The results of these studies apply to everyone, not just athletes.

Each person over the age of 55 who I have trained has found that they have marked increases in their muscle tone, strength and aerobic capacity: they have become more fit and vigorous then ever before.

One of the things that happens when you begin strength training is that connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons, gets stronger along with your muscles. This helps to protect your joints from injury and makes everyday tasks easier, such as walking up stairs, carrying groceries and keeping up with grandchildren.

There are community programs available to help older adults stay active. Many wellness programs include low-impact aerobics and strength training. Bowling, and croquet leagues are also a fun way to stay in shape. Whatever form of exercises you choose to do, you should include ones that employ a mixture of endurance, strength, balance and flexibility exercises.

Before starting, check with your doctor to see if there are any medical concerns. Appropriate exercise can reduce frailty in old age thus helping to make a person’s last few years be filled with active participation instead of the bedridden existence that too many elderly people now experience.

We were designed to be active..don’t rust out before you wear out because you aren’t putting your body to proper use. If you want to stay strong and mobile, look and feel well, and continue to live independently instead of ending up in the care of others,then you better START MOVING!!    Deborah L. Mullen, CSCS


images4.jpgAs my comment awaits moderation I figure I better post it here in case I forget.  How about this one?  Okay, I don’t claim to know it all, but the minute I saw mice as the subjects, I immediately had to say something.  

Here’s an excerpt from the article:   

“Even when the mice are not active, turning on the chemical switch activates the same fat-burning process that occurs during exercise. The resulting shift in energy balance (calories in, calories burned) makes the mice resistant to weight gain on a high fat diet”.

The only problem with this exercise pill is mice have brown adipose (fat) tissue. Humans have a white or yellowish which stores reserve energy.

Everyone is familiar with white adipose or fat tissue, which provides insulation and, by storing triglyceride, serves as an energy depot. Many mammals also have brown adipose tissue, which also stores triglyceride, but has the unique ability to generate heat.

Brown adipose tissue is sometimes mistaken for a type of gland, which it resembles more than white adipose tissue. It varies in color from dark red to tan, reflecting lipid content. Its lipid reserves are depleted when the animal is exposed to a cold environment, and the color darkens. In contrast to white fat, brown fat is richly vascularized and has numerous unmyelinated nerves which provide sympathetic stimulation to the adipocytes.

Brown fat is most prominent in newborn animals. In human infants it comprises up to 5% of body weight, then diminishes with age to virtually disappear by adulthood.

A good place to observe brown fat is in mice, where it persists into adulthood. Dissection of a mouse will reveal two large, lobulated masses of brown fat on the dorsal aspect of the thorax, between the scapulae. Masses of brown fat are also to be found around the aorta and in the hilus of the kidney.

Examination of sections of white and brown fat at low magnification reveal dramatic differences in structure, as seen below in images of mouse tissues.

White adipocytes (right panel) have a scant ring of cytoplasm surrounding a single large lipid droplet. Their nuclei are flattened and eccentric within the cell.
Brown adipocytes (left panel) are polygonal in shape, have a considerable volume of cytoplasm and contain multiple lipid droplets of varying size. Their nuclei are round and almost centrally located.
Brown fat is of particular importance in neonates, small mammals in cold environments, and animals that hibernate, because it has the ability to dissipate stored energy as heat. 

Fat is an energy source for humans.  We burn energy, not heat(brown adipose). 

Classic example of the media selling stories. 99.9% of people reading this have no clue that human fat cells and mice fat cells have a DISTINCT difference.



Multiple sources advise us to eat 5-6 small meals per day, but they never define how many calories is in a small meal.  That’s where most people become confused. My small meal may consist of 500 calories, whereas, someone elses small meal may consist of 300-650 calories per meal. 

For example, John is 6’2 and 204 lbs. (athletic looking build) and 11% bodyfat.  Bill is 5’9 and 204 lbs. obviously out of shape, (chubby, round build, looks out of shape) and 23% body fat.  (Both engage in moderate activity) 

John has exactly 22 lbs of fat and 182 lbs. of lean muscle, whereas, Bill has a total of 47 lbs of fat and only 157 lbs. of lean muscle.  Based on lean body mass, their caloric needs are completely different.  (Having your bodyfat tested is the only way to determine your daily caloric requirements)

 John’s caloric requirements are exactly 3672 per day, if he wants to stay the same bodyweight.  These requirements are based on moderate activity.

Bill’s caloric requirements are 3304 per day to stay the same weight. 

Now let’s say Bill wants to lose 20 lbs.  (2-3 lbs. per week is a healthy approach to weight-loss)

One lb. of fat is exactly 3500 calories.  Bill has a total caloric intake of 23,128 per week.  His goal is to lose 2 lbs. per week.  Which means I have to subtract 7000 calories per week from Bill’s diet to get to 16,128 (total calories)  divided by 7  (days per week), now we are at 2304 calories per day spread over 5 meals.  Let’s not forget, Bill is at a moderate activity level.  460 calories per meal for five meals.  Not difficult to do once you eliminate empty calories. 

Once you build lean muscle and lose fat, your caloric requirements go up.  Basically, you have to eat more food to sustain your hard earned muscle.  HA!  Once you build this hard earned muscle you can manipulate your calories down and engage in some form of fat burning aerobic activitiy to lose any extra body fat. 

Be patient, stay away from the scale, and add nutritional foods into your diet.  Remember it’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat and how often you eat.

 Not intended as medical advice.


Where did this obesity epidemic come from and when did it happen?  It was just a few years back when we were all talking about world hunger.  Now we’re talking about people being grossly out of shape and overweight.  Just look around you.  Once you begin a physical fitness program and begin eating nutritionally healthy meals, you will immediately notice how many fat people are out there.  Sure, there are medical conditions that cause obesity, however, I’m not talking about the morbidly obese.  I’m talking about the overweight glutton that’s eating a triple cheesburger and sipping a milkshake while driving in bumper to bumper traffic.  This disease concept (eating disorder) is a way for  doctor’s to make more money.  Tummy tucks, gastric bypass, liposuction.  Gimme a break!  (People, please do not put one more dollar in the hands of a doctor that would rather cut you open instead of advising you to visit a health club).  Not everyone is blessed with elite athletic genes, but not everyone is born with obese genes either, and you wouldn’t believe that if you just look around any food court in your local mall.  

People, you’re being bamboozeled by fad diets and supplements that just don’t work.  There is a safe and effective way to losing weight and getting in shape, however, you must put forth the effort.  Do yourselves a favor, strength train, walk, and eat small meals throughout the day.

Work Hard, Good Luck!