PLYOMETRICS MADE SIMPLE… Remeber this in 2nd grade on the playground at recess?  I always played when I wanted to flirt with the girls.  Let’s all remember we don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment and polished machines to get in our daily exercise.  Take the kids out and play a game of hopscotch.  A driveway and a little sidewalk chalk is all you need. 

Just a reminder of how fun it was being a kid and how fun it can still be when I participate in something as simple as hopscotch with my own kids.

 This is just one of the 900 different exercises in my online personal training database.  I customize periodized training programs to meet your fitness, strength, and weight-loss goals. 



2 Responses to “EXERCISE OF THE WEEK”

  1. miss e Says:

    Oh wow what a neat idea!!!

    I don’t have a resistance band, but I will go out and get one hopefully this weekend. It’s a pity I didn’t find you before I spent the money on the trainer I currently have! :\

  2. McCormick Says:

    I didn’t even think about using a resistant band for arm curls. Thanks!

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