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5 Responses to “QUESTIONS”

  1. McCormick Says:


    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I do both strenght training and aerobic exercise. I try to do at least 30 mins of cardio in the morning, if I can’t do it in the morning then I will do it right after work. I usually do a 30 min spin class or 30 mins on the ellipitcal. I also do a circuit strength training that works ever muscle in my body at lunch the website is http://www.privateworkout.com, so I should be losing some weight, right? I’m not that concern, because my clothes are fitting looser around the leg area, but I’d like to lose my tummy and I know I can’t spot train, so I should I add more cardio? Or workout during a different time of the day? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ll also read your blog on the LBM, slightly confused but will ask a trainer at the gym tomorrow. I’m don’t expect to lose weight overnight because I certainly didn’t gain overnight, however I would like to see progress.

  2. Yes, it’s confusing because most people associate the heavier, out of shape, round guy, as a big eater, in comparison to a leaner more athletic person. The person in shape has a DCR that exceeds the other person because it takes more food to fuel and maintain muscle.
    You are so much on the right track, I have a really funny, but ridiculous post (haven’t posted it yet) that is congruent with your “i didn’t gain it overnight” realization.

    Even if you’re not losing weight yet, you feel better, your clothes fit better, and you sound excited. With those factors in place the weight will fall off.

    Since you strength train and you need to build muscle, you also need to keep this muscle for now, you don’t have to add any more cardio. Walking in the morning is a great idea, especially if you haven’t eaten yet. You’re on the right track that’s for sure. Be careful not to do too much cardio. Ask a trainer about your caloric requirements on days you train vs. days you’re off. They are certainly different. If they don’t know the answer have them test your bodyfat and I will give you an idea. I could go on and on about positive nitrogen balance in regards to sustaining muscle mass, but that is an entire chapter. LOL!

  3. Vilma Says:

    Hey there… just wanted to let you know that my blog address has changed. Can you please update you links page??? Drop me an email and I can tell you more about it. Hope all is well.

    ~ Vilma

  4. Vilma Perez Says:

    Ok, it’s final now… I have my OWN WEBISTE!!!! YAY! Can you please update this in your blogroll?


    Thanks for reading & for your patience!

    Hope you’re doing good!

    ~ Vilma

  5. JOEALOHA Says:

    i need to read all this stuff please keep me updated. thanks

    serious workouter

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